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                    Pike Lodge Stories

I do not have the article from the Capaha, but as an alumni member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter at SEMO I do know first hand some of the stories about the lodge. From what I remember the Lodge used to be an old school house and a little girl supposedly died there when a grate that covered the boiler broke as she was standing on it.  There are many stories that were told to me about happening there.  Neighbors say they have seen a little girls figure in the window of the "Pikes only Room" jumping rope at night. It is also said that she can be seen standing in the front windows (behind the Bar Area) watching the trains go by on the tracks directly across the street from the Lodge.  I know first hand of banging and unexplainable noises coming from there.  One night a buddy of mine and I were responsible for closing up the place after a party.  Before leaving he went back in to use the rest room while I waited in the car.  Five minutes later he came out asking what my hurry was.  Confused I asked him what he was talking about and he told me that while in the restroom he heard banging on the windows directly outside the rest room and thought it was me. Another person left with the task of locking up after a party reported that as he closed the front doors to the place there was a sound like every beer can in the place was thrown against the front doors just as he closed them.  When he reopened them there was nothing there.  There are also lighting and sound equipment problems during functions and windows slam shut all the time.  The Pikes also use the lodge as a meeting place and once during a weekly meeting a little neighbor boy about 4 or 5 years old walked right in, concerned that he may try to play there while we were not there and get hurt and us get sued, we asked that he not come there to play any more.  When we told him this he stated he plays there with the little girl that lives there all the time.  The stories go on and on.  But mostly it is the really creepy feeling that you get when in there especially alone (day or night).
Field Investigation Pike Lodge
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