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Haunted House follow up Field Investigation

Special thanks again to MPR and to all of the groups involved in the coordinated documentation of this investigation.  Once again our groups documented extremely high levels of activity at this mansion, similar to the levels captured during our first field investigation of this site four months earlier.  We had investigators from as far away as Colorado. There was far more manpower and equipment at our disposal this time, which no doubt contributed to the excellent results.
This wonderful
photo was taken by a digital camera mounted on a tripod in the foyer. It was pre-programmed to take photos automatically at a rate of approximately one per minute.  Many photos were taken by this camera both before and after this one was captured, none of which exhibited any anomalies.  Unless you look carefully, you will probably miss many of the details in addition to the obvious luminous energy.  Note the single human leg and shoe at the first step.  Here are versions which highlight subtle details contained within this photo.  The first test we conducted with this photograph was to compare the shoe in this picture with those worn by everyone during the investigation to rule out any possible misfiring of the flash and the camera's lenses somehow distorting the image of one of our group.  No one in our group was wearing a shoe of this type.  In addition, the physical proportions of this human figure didn't match any of the men attending the investigation - this figure would be much shorter than any member of our group.  Also note that the figure appears to be walking up the stairs, the body also appears to be ascending the stairs, yet a human face at its top looks to be facing in the opposite direction! Two apparitions?  Or this photograph might be the result of a single apparition moving much faster than the fraction of a second that the camera's lenses were open, causing it to appear to be moving both up and down the stairway simultaneously.  This is truly a strange photo.  The luminous fog at the top of the staircase might be either a separate unformed figure, or the point of origin of a single figure.  This is one of the most complicated photos I have ever seen.

This photo contains an unexplained
shadow.  The photos taken before and after showed no signs that would trigger this effect.
During the investigation the following EVP's were recorded on digital voice recorders:
Can you hear me?       Hello       Help     I'm sad     I'm wrong        Laughing voice

Mean    No After the first question, a Yes voice can be heard.  This voice is difficult to understand.

These EVP's were captured with our camcorders.  In the first, listen for a strange voice at the end of this clip. In this video clip, just after the female in our group speaks, note the unexplained voice.  This loud banging sound was recorded, no source for its cause was ever found.  We spoke with a neighbor about this home. Their family has experienced paranormal activity inside their own home. They have personally witnessed human figures standing in their living room while watching television. Their daughter experienced something shaking her bed violently while trying to get some sleep.
Another member of the family had an alarming encounter. While driving her automobile,
three apparitions appeared in the middle of the unpaved access road leading to both houses.  Unable to stop in time, she drove right through the three figures!  They were described as two adult sized figures accompanied by one child sized figure.   She described three glowing white figures similar to the one Tom had photographed on the upper floor during our previous investigation, which she had not yet seen.  There is a small family cemetery 1/4 mile from both homes adjacent to where the three figures where witnessed.
We conducted a preliminary investigation inside the cemetery.  Our consensus opinion is that this cemetery is haunted, and might be tied to the activity experienced at both homes.   If this is the case, it means that whatever the source of the activity is, it's mobile, with the ability to travel among at least three neighboring sites.  We will need to conduct a full investigation at the cemetery to document more of the strange activity encountered during our brief stay.

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