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         Monastery Ruins Investigation

This is our group's first trip to this haunted location. We have heard several first hand accounts of paranormal activity encountered at this site. Some people have reported hearing actual voices during their visits. The weather conditions were excellent, clear skies, with unseasonably warm weather for an October evening,  and night time temps of almost 70 degrees. The ground was unusually dry from a long dry spell. After parking our car, we hiked for half an hour up the bluffs to the ruins, which, are located in more than one area.  The first building is severely damaged by age, weather and disuse. The monastery was abandoned in 1905. The
walls, made of stone are intact, but no more than 3 to 4 feet high. The overgrowth of plants makes photographing this building difficult, with trees from inside the ruins blocking views of the other side. Photographing it would be better done after the leaves fall and before spring. We set up our equipment, first taking pictures of the building seen here. A B C D E F The first unusual thing we noticed was an odd-sounding recurring thumping noise. Some thought it sounded like thunder, though this wasn’t possible under the perfectly clear sky seen in this full moon rising photo. It's best heard in the second clip in the very first second on this video clip. I thought it resembled a booming sound, like a big boulder striking the ground in the distance. The next two clips are knocking sounds, Clip A and Clip B. This strange sound was also recorded during our EVP session. We then experienced a common phenomenon at haunted sites - battery failures. It occurred in our camcorders and flashlights. We replaced the batteries with new ones and continued. After about an hour we began an EVP session by asking questions into a voice recorder. The camcorders were also running at the same time. We asked a series of questions. After we asked,“Can you give us another sign you're here?” we experienced a cold spot, a cold blast of air. During the cold spot these two photos were taken. Notice that they're optically distorted. When the cold spot ended a minute later, all the following photos returned to normal, being clear and sharp. Later we continued farther along the bluff. We found a small stone pillar. Going further we found a small 8’ stone bridge (Video) which we crossed. Beyond this bridge we found a stone staircase, seen in this photo & video leading upward, where we encountered more battery failures. We climbed up the stairway to the base of a large man-made grotto (Video) It's a level, open area with two cisterns (Video) in front of a massive 40’ semi circular stone wall some 8’ high. In the area between the two cisterns was a circle of stones that showed signs of having been used as a fire pit. After looking into the pit we could tell a fire had been made here within the past few weeks. This pit looked to have been made of loose stones and not originally part of the monastery's grotto. We walked around to the sides of the grotto wall to above and behind it. There looked to be cement strips, but the heavy ground cover prevented a better view. We walked back the way we came to the stone bridge, then walked up the dry creek bed to gain access to other buildings we believe are back up the hillside, but we were unable to get far enough up the steep incline to confirm any additional structures.
We plan a return visit to this site.

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