Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
       Zombie Road Field Investigation

The photos & video footage were collected during two recent investigations at this site. In the past we have encountered strange lights, EVP voices, the sounds of footsteps following us & last summer, on a warm 70 degree night, we encountered a sub-freezing cold spot along this path. On this trip we did not document any more of this type of strange activity, however some unusual photographs were taken during both trips by Angela, Tom & Eric. In this first photo,
Photo B taken at night, the moon seen in the background illuminates what looks like human figures along the crest of the hill. It looks like something out of a Blair Witch movie. I thought this most likely just some kind of photographic anomaly, but on our return trip during the day I took these photos from the same spot. One thing you will notice is that all the water has dried up, but the most important thing is that there is nothing in them to account for the strange figures seen in the above photo. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 These photos were taken on the back side of the hill, also showing nothing that could have created the figures.  Photo 4 Photo 5
Note the strange fogs seen in the following photos:
Photo A Photo I Photo M Photo N-- notice the photo taken just after this one at the same spot is normal, PhotoH. In Photo P another strange fog is seen, yet in the next frame, Photo Q it's gone.
There are several areas of interest along this road associated with paranormal activity. On this trip we located for the first time the automobile wreck linked to the hauntings. The story here is from back in the 60's when the road was still traversable by car. The accident occurred when some teenagers died in their car after the road beneath the automobile collapsed, dumping the car into a deep ravine running along side the road. We have investigated this site on several occasions, but this is the first time we  found the automobile. Our group has walked past it on every trip, it's so well camouflaged that you just don't notice it. The car is crushed flat, & lying on its side, overgrown with plants attached to the soil encasing much of the vehicle.
We tried to locate the license plates to conduct a background check, but both of them are missing. The car was a Chevy Vega.
Here are some video clips of this vehicle :
Video clip 1 Video clip 2 Video clip 3 Video clip 4 Video clip 5 Video clip 6
Here are some still photos.
Photo R Photo S Photo T Photo U Photo V
The next set of photos are from the sunken barge in the Meramec River.
These photos were taken several days before our return trip at night with video cameras.
Photo D Photo E Photo F Photo G.
By the time of our return trip with night shot camcorders, the water levels had risen, completely covering this barge seen in these still photos. The barge is mentioned in some of the haunting legends, but as yet no one had documented any paranormal activity at that site.
On our day light return trip when the waters were at their lowest I took these photos.
Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9
On our return trip we attempted to locate the ruins of a home & those of a small mental institution which are said to be located in this vicinity. We have started to map out all the paths off the main road. We plan on returning in the fall and trying again.

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