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We have investigated Zombie Road on several occasions. This time we started over an hour before sunset to have a better look at several of the side paths running off the main road which dead ends after an hours walk toward the Meramec River. At The river there is an east/west path, to the east is a path up the hillside and beyond that the ruins of an old stone house. There are stories of a cemetery down here, but we never have found it. To the west the path parallels the river, past a sunken barge to high cliffs overlooking the path ending at the remains of the eastern pier of a fallen/missing bridge. Because of the heavy rainfall this spring this investigation was delayed several times, it finally cleared up and dried out after several weeks postponement. Its too muddy down this path to travel just after a rainfall. We also prefer going earlier in the year than we did this time because of all the spider webs spun across the path that needed to be knocked down by throwing rocks into them, this slowed us down. Continuing further down the main path we stopped to take some additional photos. I saw a light down the path to our right, I manage to Photograph it with my digital camera before it disappeared. I divide this type of activity into two classes, Orbs and Spooklights. Obs are invisible to they eye, most peoples Orb photos are just dust, or the cameras flash reflecting off moisture in the air.
True Orb photos are bright self illuminating, dust orbs are pale flat looking, you can see through them. Spooklights are more significant, they can be seen with your eyes and remain visible for some time.
Notice this photo also has a horizontal distortion line running through the picture,  I don't know if the spooktlight is effecting my camera, or if my camera just happened to choose that moment to malfunction.
We took the path to the west on this trip, along a parallel path to the
Rail Road tracks. We stopped and took several photos of the Meramec along the way.  Following the path further west past a cliff wall we came to what must have been the Pier to the span of a railroad bridge.
The span is at least 60 of 70 feet above the ground (
View)and the Pier on the opposing side is 100 to 150 feet away. If you find this path don't go too far up the pier, its a straight drop with no retainer barrier! We tried going around the pier and made it to the lower ground level, but the ground cover was too thick, we had seen snakes about earlier so we decided not to try and cross the valley at night on this trip. In the fall after all the growth and wildlife are gone will be a better time to attempt a crossing.
On our return trip we had one of the strangest experiences ever down here.
On the gravel path where the train tracks cross it between two trestle bridges, we experienced the most severe cold spot I have ever encountered! Its hard to believe these photos and video footage were taken in June, not January. (cold spot
Photo 1 cold spot Photo 2) the temperature ranged between 67-70 degrees throughout the night before we left at 2 am on the drive home. The time & temperature clock at a near by bank confirmed our 2 am evening measurements of 67 degrees. At this location on the path we encountered nothing short of freezing temperatures at this cold spot! It was so cold that you could see every exhaling breath! We videotaped this strange phenomenon with our Sony Night-shot camcorder.(See Video Clip). The mild temperatures on this tee-shirt and shorts weather should never be able to produce such brutal cold spots. Here is a Longer Version of the cold spot video footage. My friend accompanying me seemed to be affected much more severely than myself by this cold, his skin would keep breaking out with large goosebumps all over his arms. These goosebumps would come and go, you could watch them break out on his skin then disappear. It was as if something were cycling on & off, like a light switch being turned on and off.  While this was occurring the hair on his arms would stand up away from his skin then return to normal. Some form of shifting static electricity seemed to be taking place, along with chilling cold. I did not have our EMF meters or Natural Tri-Field meters with us to document electromagnetic shifts or measure this effect. There was some type of natural electrical activity going on, the nearest man made source is a mile away.  We stayed here for at least half an hour, till it seemed to dissipate. This zone seemed to be 20 to 30 feet across, beyond this the environment returned to normal. During this event I took these two photos, in the first notice the orb at the very top right side of the Photo. In the second an enormousLight is seen. You will see in this Photo taken at the same spot, that there are no reflective surfaces to cause any of these strange effects. On the trip back we experienced one more cold spot near a trestle bridge where we stopped to recover a digital voice recorder left behind as an experiment. This cold spot was far weaker than the first one we had encountered. On the remainder of the walk back to our car we experienced no further activity.

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