Zombie Road Stories
We also walked down the old RR bed to the present day site of the sunken barge/old buildings from the river dredging operation. This appeared to be an old roadbed also and a portion of it had collapsed at that time. Is this the east-west portion of this road people are talking about?
We also climbed some large bluffs east the RR tracks. Some mean dogs appeared and started chasing us on the way back. Luckily they stayed on the opposite side of the RR tracks and we used this to our advantage. We crouched down
in the bushes and waited until a train came, which they do quite frequently. We used the train as a barrier from the dogs and ran as fast and as far as we could parallel to the tracks. By the time the train was past, we were away from the dogs.
Unfortunately the relative remoteness of the area made the place popular with those looking to do drugs, satanic rituals, etc.
I never ran into this but started to get more concerned and not frequent the area as often as I heard more stories. I think that this has died down a little bit since the formation of these parks and trails.
I might give it a look over Thanksgiving or Christmas Break, as I will have some extra time then.
One story I have heard about this road is that some teenagers were down there sniffing Pam (the nonstick cooking spray) during the 1970's. One guy suffocated doing this and his friends just left him down there dead. I also heard a story about a guy falling off the bluffs.  He was also left by his "friends" to be found a while later.
I am not sure if this is fact or fiction but it came from a reliable source. I have also heard that a RR worker got stuck in the tracks and killed by a train. There is also a story about a passenger train falling off the bridge into the river. Quite a few people I knew used to jump off the RR bridge. This seemed pretty risky so I never did that.

Those here might also be interested in the story about a headless body being pulled from the river at the end of the road but doesn't go into detail as that is not what the story is about. It is a fun read though and makes me think back to my teen years although I wasn't into punk rock or drugs.
I have already e-mailed the author for more information.

I can confirm the Pam (cooking spray) story. I was in high school (Parkway West)
when it happened, and it would have had to be between 1970-1972 .
One day at school, they made an announcement over the PA system and had a brief memorial tribute read.  I don't remember the names, but I remember them saying that 4 boys that were down there inhaling Pam and one of them suffocated and died.
I recall driving down there one day with my boyfriend.  To the best of my recollection, the road was very narrow and overhung with tree branches....very spooky.  We got about half way down before we got scared and turned around.
The other stories I heard at the time involved "gangs" maybe motorcycle gangs with whips & chains.  Also something about someone living in a part of a train.
This road is the creepiest damn place I have been to. I went there just a week ago, and i don't recommend anybody go there.
first off the cackling sound coming from the woods is enough to make you want to run back to the car like a little girl. but it helps to have a few friends with you.
the old car that is in the ditch off the side of the road probably got washed up in a flood, and who ever believes the car stories must not have any common sense at all, if there was a accident on the road years ago and the car was left I am sure the river would have took it in a flood. but even though the car story is wrong, there are plenty of other things about the road that many people don't know. The road actually use to lead to an old town that is no longer livable do to floods, anyways in the town there was some kind plant are factory like a rock mill are something, there was an accident of some kind that killed many of its employees that worked there. I m not sure when it happened but my dad told me the story so it was probably in the 50s.
When your walking down the rd. try not to be the last in line. You can here footsteps behind you the whole time and if you stop they stop.
About the cackling in the woods are laughing, at first it sounds like some kind of animal like a raccoon are something. But when you stop to listing it gets really quit and then gets so load it almost hurts you ears and you can clearly hear kids playing in the woods and if you don't believe me check it out for yourself.
an addition to the laughing, as you get further down the road and deeper into the woods you can hear a faint whistle coming from behind your group. But when stop walking and try to listen it stops.
I am not a dumb or immature person, i a am sensible father of  2, and I was dragged down there by some ghost freak friends of mine.

In the Spring, maybe late winter of 2004 my boyfriend and I decided to go walk down this road. He had gone once bofore with a few of his friends. He said it was so scarry that he and his friends never talked about it, I was the first person he ever told. Well I thought I could handle it so I said lets go. We got bottles of water and extra flash lights and batterys and stuff like that together. We parked out car in a neighborhood close by and started walking to the entrance. Well we were standing across the street looking at the entrance and when we went to run across the street my foot got stuck in some mud when I pulled my foot out there was a loud CRACK! My foot was broken. Now I have steped in mud before and I'm sure you have too. It was almost like my foot was stuck, like something was holding it down. I ended up having to have surgery to put a screw in my foot. I will never go down this road agian. It was the scarriest thing that ever happned to me.

Unfortunatly, I have no photos to show but I do have a couple of stories.
The first time I was at this road  my friend and I heard running footsteps and then it sounded like a little girl laughing.  When I tried to call one of my friend's back I heard static and it sounded like someone was trying to talk to me. We didn't stay very long after that.
The second time I went it was me and four other people. We had just bought batteries for our flashlights and yet again, I heard the running footsteps. All of a sudden our flashlights died and our phones died as well.  We were probably a mile and a half or two miles in the road. We had no light to walk us back and then I got really cold.  When we finally able to see moonlight and we were still really cold.  The odd thing about it is that we went in the middle of July.  And we could see our breath.
I know it sounds crazy but this actually happened. I haven't been back since but I wouldn't mind returning. I love the paranormal activity in St. Louis.

I got back from this road. We decided to start right before it became dark so that wed get an idea of whats going on. Can't say that anything happened that was paranormal, but we are going to get the pictures developed and maybe something will turn up (even though nothing probably will). Well anyway, we made our way in about 60 or 70 minutes and finally got to the railroad tracks- the ones from the pictures on your site. It was very enjoyable. We ran into some deer which scared us, but thats not too big of a deal. We also heard owls and what seemed to be like coyotes or something that howled which was kinda freaky but you get used to it after a while. There was one thing though that was really creepy. It was the noises that went on. Very odd noises. Its possible we all were paranoid though, and then again, im sure weird noises can be found in any type of woods, but we kept hearing odd noises all the time. A couple times we were convinced someone was around us even though no one was. but like I said, it was probably just us being paranoid. Well anway, we walked past the railroad tracks and then we can to a section where we had to choose to go right (where the railroad keeps going but the sides of the pathway are incredibly narrow) or left (a very open area of nothing). My friends were freaking out cuz I wanted to go the narrow way (right) and they wanted to go to the more safer open way (left). so it was 2 to 1 so I hadda go with what they said. So we go that way and hear some trains and stuff but then was the really creepy part. We decided that we were only going to walk about 10 more minutes and then head on back and im going to try to explain this the best I can. I might just be telling you something you already know, though. OK, The trail goes kind of curvy and we walked though it and looked back and noticed that there was another part of a trail just to the right of it that seemed to come out of no where. We realized that we hadn't seen it before because of a very shaded area full of bushes or vines or wahtever. We didnt go to it though and decided to head on back now. As we were walking back we all noticed a house. YES, a house. It was increidbly shaded by the vines and bushes and what not, but it was somewhat visible if you looked close enough. It was about 10-20 feet away from us. My friend said he saw that a window light had been on and thast what freaked us out and we left. I guess this may not seem like such a big deal but we just thought it was very very messed up that there was a little shack with a light on in it in the middle of no where. I understand that there are houses on top of the hills too, but this wasnt on top. Something about it seemed weird. We also though we heard noises from it (but remember, we were getting paranoid) so we left. Id have to say though, that it was a very...interesting voyage. EW

I liked this section of your website, however, I saw no mention of one of the biggest myths about this road. Rumor has it that there was a mental institution that burned down w/ the people inside. There is the reminants on a burnt down building along one of the roads. Thats right, one of the roads, there are a few that all connect. I've done some research on it, both interviewing people and field work(still am actually). If your intersted in knowing more email me back. K

I recently stumbled across your site and read your story on this road. I have been there many times since I was about 16, I am 24 now. At first I went to see what the hype was about but every time I was there I always had a feeling and it brought me back for more, same with a few of my friends. One of my eeriest encounters down there has been on the train tracks taking photos. Not only are those tracks supposedly haunted but I have known someone who was killed by a train there. It happened in October about 12 years ago. When I was on the tracks taking photos I just had one of those feelings, I developed the film, pictures turned out nicely and I put them away. One night about a year or so later I was going through my photos and came across the few I had taken on the tracks - I was shocked. There was a very noticeable blur on two of the photos, both taken at different angles and both facing the same way on the tracks. These were also the only two photos taken of and on the tracks. I questioned the blur in my head and decided to show a friend who was very close with the young man killed by that train. When I showed him his jaw dropped he pointed to the blur on one photo and pointed out that this was where the young man was  standing when he was struck by the train (he knew this because his sister was dating the young man and witnessed him being killed). When he saw the other photo he pointed out that the blur was in the position of where his body was thrown when the  train made impact. (To this day no one knows if his accident with the train was even an accident at all it could have been suicide. I know there are alot of things witnessed on these tracks and yet I don't think anyone knows about the young man I knew that was killed there and maybe they are having encounters with him.) I could tell the photos bothered my friend so I never asked him again about them but it makes me wonder. S

Hello, about 3 years ago my friend and I had the brilliant idea of traversing zombie road on a warm night in June. I had never been there before but my friend said he has trekked the path a few times with no unnatural occurrences. I live only 4 miles from the entrance so I parked my car in a nearby subdivision and we headed towards the so called "haunted" road. We made it about a mile or so, and all the while my friend was telling me of suspect tales regarding the roads history. Stories of lynchings in the past, spectral entities and a specific mud hole that supposedly never dried even during the hottest droughts and summer heat. We were being loud and boisterous until suddenly we both froze for some unexpected reason. Both of us being hunters and familiar with the local fauna and wildlife realized that it was dead silent. Not even a single cricket could be heard or The bioluminescence of a firefly could be seen. We both discussed afterwards of an eerie feeling. A feeling of unknowing and a macabre sense that we shouldn't have been there. I had a thermometer in my car and I recollect it reading a steady 73 degrees Fahrenheit (when we reached my car and left.) I had to make sure we weren't imagining anything, because at the same moment we both got that terrible feeling it became freezing cold.  It was much too cold for a summer night in the middle of June in saint Louis. We decided to turn around and as we both made our first step back towards our car from the road, a large owl flew right between us (scaring us both out of our wits). It landed a few paces behind us and we scuffled a bit to put some distance between us and the wise bird of prey. We started our trek back to the car and we were both discussing the odd fact that owls usually don't land near humans, and they certainly Do not land on the ground near humans. At the time we didn't think much of it but as we put about 15-20 yards between us and the owl, we spotted a field mouse with our flashlights and it too passed right between us. It diligently and seemingly with purpose marched straight towards the owl and stopped right in front of it. The owl slowly reached out with it's talon and picked up the mouse (which wasn't even trying to flee) and proceeded to eat the unfortunate little guy. We kept trekking back to our car after a few moments of disbelief and bewilderment every few steps we turned to look back at the owl remained. Directly in the middle of the road, seemingly enjoying his late night snack. We were stunned. We had made it about 50 yards from the owl and the road started curving but the owl was still present and staring at us the entire time. We have never experienced anything like that. And to this day I still cannot come up with and explanation for the series of odd events surrounding the very unnatural actions of both the owl and the field mouse. Maybe you guys can shed some light on this for me, but if not I am still happy to share the story with you.

My friend and I went to this haunted road around 6:30pm tonight and took several pictures (at least 100) and the first thing we saw on down the road was a couple orbs. The further we went towards the bridge heading towards the beach on the walk path off the main road. I noticed a cold spot and I took three pictures (Photo 1) which was like a red mist coming down and the second picture (Photo 2) I was surrounded by it. In Photo 3 it had disappeared and was like a faint Grey/white mist. The further down the road we went it got a little warmer until we got up towards the cliff area, I noticed a path with two rocks in front of it. I took the shot so I could mark the area and the first photo (Photo 3) I noticed a fire coming from the ground and there was no fire there so we took another shot (Photo 4) and there was nothing (Photo 5). We noticed another cold spot about another mile down without my flash I caught four red lights clumped together (Photo 6) Right after the photo we heard noises and voices above us towards the cliff area just past the burning forest. We got scared and was ready to turn around and go home and so we did. The area is like two miles from the mini train station, next to the Meremac River where we experienced the cold spots and the stuff on the photos. That's our latest experience down this road. We also went with another friend of ours about a week ago from the front entrance by the school and experienced a few cold spots about a mile and a half down the road. This area isn't as creepy but we did manage to get one weird photo (Photo 7). There were no other lights around us. Notice the red streak behind the two people. We also saw, out of the corner of our eyes, a shadow that seemed to follow us down the road. We couldn't capture it on camera, we tried to video tape but there wasn't enough light. We do plan on venturing back and next time not only will we take picture cameras, but also video cameras and tape recorders.

My friend went down this road again during the day today, Sunday, April 3, 2005 hoping to find the path to one of the old abandoned houses along the road. He started from the school and walked down the road about a mile and a half and two teenage girls jogged passed him and he said hi but they acted as if he wasn't there so as they passed by him he zoomed in and took a shot but no one was there (Photo 1) so he proceeded to the train tracks where the train bridge is (Photo 2) and found a trail marked RR on it (Photo 3). He walked a little towards the right as I crossed the path and saw blue ribbons tied on trees (Photo 4) leading to a path (Photo 5). He walked about ten to fifteen minutes on the path to where it ended where a huge cold spot was and it was 75 degrees today and saw something unusual (Photo 6). He looked at it a few minutes to observe it and took another shot to make sure that what he was looking at was really there (Photo 7). It looked like a person standing there, so he got the heck out of there and headed towards the main road. Once he was on it he started running towards the school which was like two miles away, he turned around and snapped another shot because he felt something following him. (Photo 8) Which looks like the same image he saw before and nothing else happened after that besides some wierd noises which turned out to be deer running around. He hopes next time to bring a group of people instead of going by himself. He plans on going there in about a week with about three other people and take more pictures, video and EVP.

Several months ago I went down to Zombie Rd. with a small group of friends. My sister and I and what you'd call a "sensitive" but we can pick up more things paranormal then other people. Everything started off ok until maybe 200 ft. down the road. Myself and another guy there kept feeling like we were being watched, and that there was something there a long ways up the road. It felt like it was just waiting for us. It was oddly quiet the further we got and eventually we stopped walking to take a few pictures. My sister went to take one and she says that when the camera flashed the first time, it flashes twice to take a picture, she saw a pair of legs standing behind a tree that was growing over onto the road. The second time it flashed the guy standing right next to her saw it, then the camera died. They freaked out and bolted. We all turned around to follow not wanting to be left behind, but as soon as we did i felt all of these eyes immediately turn and watch us go. It was unnerving, I don't think I'll be going back soon.

Last Friday night, me and three friends had decided to check out Lawler Ford Road, also known as Zombie Road.  Upon arriving we noticed the no trespassing signs, so when we would hear cars we would try our best to move to the sides to not be seen.  About 15-20 feet past the entrance gate, we heard a car, and saw the headlights coming, so I jumped to the side of the road stepping in what appeared to be DIRT.  It had not rained in my area ( I am a bit of the ways out from Wildwood) so I'm not sure if it had rained in that area.  My right foot sunk down to my knee.  I was able to get my leg out, but my shoe was still entrenched into the earth.  We dug for what seemed to be 5 minutes to even find my shoe.   When we found it, not wanting to ruin things I put the soggy dirty muddy shoe on and we kept walking.  We walked maybe half way, and we kept seeing what looked to be a shadow of a person in the upper part of the wooded area, and as others have claimed it felt as if we were being watched the whole time.  We finally came to I would think about half way, when we all stopped.  We all seen what looked to be a line of feet/legs side by side as to block the road.  As we moved closer, it looked as if we seen more and more of the bodies.  We decided maybe we should turn back since this was completely freakish.  So as we were leaving, right around the entrance gate, I thought it would be funny to throw a rock into the bushes to scare my friend.  Right after the rock I had thrown hit the bushes, an apple sized rock and three or four other smaller rocks fell from what seemed to be right out of the sky and almost hit one of my friends in the head.  We were all essentially were in a line, me being in the back, my friend in front of me, someone in front of him, and the last person in front of him.  We all looking at the person in front of us, and no one seen the other throw a rock, outside of the one I admitted to throwing.  The most freaky thing of this whole trip was the rock incident happened almost exactly where my foot had sunk into the earth.  While reading other stories from visitors on your site, I found that others too had seen something around the entrance gate.  I just thought this was WAYYYY too freaky to be a coincidence. 
  Please return your input on the pictures, and post the story if you please.  We also tonight (not even a week later) visited the cemetery in Wild Acres park, we did not have any encounters, but the small grave yard was freaky, and the area seemed a bit colder than any other spot. 
   Thank you,
                   Mike S.
Hi Mike from Terry at G & H
Two of your photos are explainable, however this one is interesting.
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