Zombie Road Ghost Hunt 2006 Field Investigation
Zombie Road Field Investigation, July 2006

It's regrettable this site is no longer open to overnight field investigations. This was the last overnight investigation we received permission for.

Many things that happen during a ghost hunt are very subtle; unless you're paying close attention, things will go unnoticed. An example of that occurs at this site. We always eat before going down Zombie Road; while at this location, many people experience a ravenous appetite despite having just eaten, or the feeling of being watched and followed.

We were half way down the path when the first odd occurrence began.
Clip 1 we noticed that the air had changed. It was now heavier and denser, not a cold spot or general change in temperature at first. We walked a short distance further, when to our left in the woods we all heard the heavy thud sound from Clip 2. The object that fell almost hit one of the women in the leg at the back of our group. When we examined the object (see Clip 3), it turned out to be a piece of a gravestone!  She said it did not fall but was thrown from the woods - in the past we have heard that there is a cemetery somewhere along Zombie Road, but we have never been able to find it.
Clip 4 Greg started an EVP session at this location; we didn't receive any voice replies, but a cold spot did begin to manifest. The fragment of headstone didn't contain any useful information with a name or dates to conduct a records check, so we returned the stone where it fell and continued on.

Later on a small group walked ahead of our main group while staying within walkie talkie distance. We then had a repeat of what had happened earlier, with a change in the air followed by a cold spot. Then Tom contacted us over the walkie talkie. He said something had thrown rocks and they had spotted a shadow figure from behind the trees,
Clip 5. We later recorded this breathy exhaling sound in Clip 6.

One day we hope to return to Zombie Road. This site needs to be thoroughly studied, but until the politics change it's unlikely future investigations will ever take place.

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Ruins Just East of Zombie Road
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Bluffs Overlooking Zombie Road
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