Zombie Road 2006 Field Investigation
Zombie Road, 2006

Our group returned to Zombie Road to document more activity.
Deep in the woods these two clips were captured.
Clip 1. after Greg and Tom stop speaking at the 3 second point, a faint EVP voice was captured.
Clip 2. contains just the EVP voice from Clip 1. The voice is so subtle that it could easily be missed. It sounds like a male voice saying "Help us".
Clip 3. - at the 7 second point what sounds like someone throwing a rock hitting the ground was recorded. These heavy thud sounds are common, sometimes you can feel the ground shake the impacts are so strong. This activity is identical to the monastery ruins on the Charbonier Bluffs in Florissant.
The following audio only EVP's were captured by Greg.
Clip 4. After Greg asks his question, at the 3 second point a male EVP voice is heard. Clip 5. At the 2 second point a female EVP voice was captured. Clip 6. has a female speaking after he finishes his question.

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Zombie Road 2006
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