Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri June 28 2014 Field Investigation
Tri-County Ghost Hunt   June 28, 2014

This was a deliberately reduced-scale paranormal investigation to conduct more in-depth experiments and EVP work under more controlled conditions. We performed tests, including attempts to duplicate conditions from our previous investigation, where an unexplained column of light had appeared. We tried using lights upstairs to find a way to generate light leakage into the spot where the shaft of light had appeared. These attempts failed because there were no apertures in the ceiling for light to pass through; this video remains unexplained.

For the first time in 20 years of ghost hunting, I was
scratched during an investigation. It was on my right leg, over 6" long, running vertically down my leg to below the top of my sock. The sock was undamaged, but the scratch ran underneath it. My best guess is that it happened when I was rounding up the last of my equipment from the bar area. I never brushed against anything that could have possibly caused this to happen. There are two marks, the single long scratch and a much smaller second scratch. What's also strange is that I didn't feel it happen. It wasn't until I was sitting behind the wheel of my car that I felt it start to hurt. After I told the others what had happened, another investigator, Ken, told me he was also scratched, with a single mark on the chest. People have had this happen on several occasions at Tri-County, to both men and women. None of the scratchings required stitches.

All of the following clips were recorded in the cellar between approximately 8 and 10pm.
Clip 1 was captured early on. A small group of guest investigators were in the larger adjacent cellar room. At the 10 second point you can hear an EVP female voice
Clip 2 was recorded just minutes later. At the 7 second point you can hear a male EVP voice
screaming .
Clip 3 This was captured at the conclusion of the EVP session. I had crossed to the other end of the cellar to see where the light coming down the stairs was coming from. It turned out just to be that someone had left the lights on in the storage area upstairs, and a hole in the wall upstairs allowed it to go down the stairway. In this clip at the 8 second point, a male EVP voice can be heard speaking "
Help Us". Notice the flashing lights on the floor -- a ghost meter was picking up strong EMF fields during this event. On virtually every investigation at Tri-County we capture either a male or female voice saying, "help us" or "help me".
All of the following clips were recorded on the top floor. Time, between 11:30pm and 1:30am.
Clip 4 There were two guest investigators on this floor -- you can hear their voices. At the 3 second point, an
EVP voice was captured.
The same two people were present when clip 5 was recorded. They were sitting on the floor, and were the only people upstairs. Starting at the 6 second point a series of
footsteps are heard, and you can hear them commenting on what they're hearing.
Clip 6 was recorded while a single male guest investigator was on the floor. The banging sounds are just the wind blowing outside. If you listen carefully between the 3 and 10 second points, a
wailing female EVP voice is heard.
Clip 7 No one was on the floor when this was recorded. At the 4 second point a weak voice saying "
Lisa" was captured.
The last group of clips were recorded in the bar area between 2 and 4am.
Clip 8 If you use headphones at the 4 second point, it sounds like something unpleasant being said to the male guest as he is taking pictures.
Clip 9 is interesting. It's a series of knocking and pounding
sounds I can't account for, while the car is driving past the building.
Clip 10. There is a lot going on in this clip! At the 5 second point you can hear a dog bark (there were no dogs present). At the 22 second point you can hear something fall and hit the ground -- what's weird is what happens next. Starting at the 24 second mark you can hear what can best be described as pressurized air escaping, running to the 33 second point.
Clip 11 is an abbreviated version of clip 10, with just the weird sound present.
During several investigations at Tri-County, people who use to work here see the lights on and stop by to tell us their stories. One day I will catalog these for the website.
I am especially interested in hearing back from the Sheriff/State Trooper who stopped by for more details surrounding his Blue Ghost encounter.

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