Diamonds Investigation 10/19/2013
Tri-County 10/19/13 Investigation

This was our final investigation of the old Diamonds Restaurant for 2013. The actual last investigation of 2013 will be the Pythian Castle investigation of November 2nd.

For this investigation, I recorded the equivalent of two investigations worth of footage because I don't conduct ghost hunts in winter. I hold up till spring, reviewing stored footage, photos and previous investigations along with updating the website.

Because of the extra footage I have an unusually large number of video clips, you will notice some are dated 10-12-13, but all were recorded on 10-19-13, I used the other date for reference purposes to distinguish which tape each clip belonged to.
I had nothing paranormal turn up in any of my photographs (this is very common at this location). Typically I take 200 photos on an average night; at Tri-County I need to attend four investigations, the equivalent of 800 photos to get a single paranormal photograph. Fortunately this site is far more generous with video footage and in particular audio EVP sounds and voices.

The following clips were all recorded on my Sony Night Shot Camcorder between the hours of 7pm and 4am.
In the first clip, after the investigator asks, "Can you walk across the floor?' at the 3 second point a
Weak Reply is heard.
In the second clip a loud
Crashing Sound is heard - I went upstairs to identify the source and in the kitchen two people also heard the sound, while many people seated at the bar 10 feet away heard nothing. No one could figure out what triggered the crashing sound. Also at the 11 second point a fast-moving white light is seen top right, but I can't be sure this wasn't triggered by one of the guest investigator's pieces of equipment.
The third clip was recorded in the west wing of the cellar which had been set up with 2 motion sensors, a laser grid generator and a passive EVF meter. To trigger the motion sensors, an object must either enter the room from the east or reach the third step from the bottom of the stairway seen in the distance. No one entered this room, yet the
Motion Sensor was set off.
In the fourth clip during the first 3 seconds,
Footsteps can be heard, although we were all standing still. You might need either headphones or earbuds to hear this well.
In the fifth clip the EMF meter can be heard going off; listen to the whispery voice at the 6 second point saying
"Help Us"
In clip 6 watch carefully the top center portion of the clip. You will notice a
Black Distortion sweeping to the right and descending. It's very subtle and obstructs your view of portions of the laser grid starting at the 4 second point and ending by the 7 second point.
This clip was recorded during the third break when no one was in the cellar. This is a significant capture because something moving which can't be seen is blocking your view of the laser grid.
This is the same shadow clip played back in
High Speed to better view the motion of the black obstruction of the grid. The laser grid generator itself can be seen just to the left of the stairway on a tripod. This is the first investigation where laser grid lines have ever been broken, and the source of the grid itself is also within full view.
In this clip, during the first second a
Male Voice saying "No" is heard. What's also interesting is that this voice was audible while we were there; normally EVP voices are only heard on playback, but sometimes they can be heard without any need for equipment.
In this clip a powerful
Blast of Air can be heard in the cellar while the EMF meter is beeping. There is no air circulation underground, and at the end of the clip I comment on this sound because I heard it, but did not feel any air movement.
In this clip a male voice can be heard saying
"Turn off" at the 2 second point.
This was captured on the top floor. One of the women asks the question, "Are you trapped here?" a
Male Voice Replies "No"
In the last clip, while people are talking and walking around at the 7 second point the word
"Sorry" can be heard spoken by a male voice.

I would like to thank everyone for their work in organizing and participating in this investigation.

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Bar to Kitchen Entry
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Upstairs Back Room Area
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