Diamonds Restaurant Investigation 10/27/12
This site is also known as the Tri-County Truck Stop or The Diamonds Restaurant, located on Old Highway 100 in Villa Ridge, Missouri. The business closed several years ago, and all of the equipment has since been removed. I have investigated this site on a dozen occasions. It's an exceptionally active haunting! While there, our group has documented apparitions, shadow figures, EVP voices, and objects physically thrown. The owner of the property encourages our paranormal group to investigate this site. From time to time tickets for the general public to visit this location for overnight investigations are offered as well. Check out our Tours webpage for future availability, tour dates and pricing. All of my photos taken during this nights investigation revealed nothing. One member of the group however, Dave, did capture, see Dave's Photo: (notice the bluish distortion at the bottom of the steps right, along the wall. I can't explain this photo). There were three events I noted this evening. Before setup, I walked the house around 4:00pm. When I came up the stairs from the basement, I stepped about 5 feet into the kitchen, when I turned around to look back at the stairwell and caught a glimpse of a black shadowy figure ascending the last flight of steps behind me before it disappeared. It was a strange feeling that compelled me to turn and look behind me before I saw it. It made no sound, was devoid of color and was featureless, just a dark human shape. I have seen this type of figure before in a private residence in Florissant and also at a cemetery. It was similar to this Figure I videotaped here years ago in the cellar of this location.
The second event took place in the kitchen as well. Dave was with me when we felt a cold draft. This could have been cold air leakage from outside venting into the building from the windy conditions. The last occurrence was while we were in the cellar around 2 to 3am. All of us heard something scuffling around in the empty basement. We also had the opportunity to speak with one of the police officers of Villa Ridge who stopped by to find out more about what we were doing. He told us that he personally had an experience with the entity we call "The Blue Ghost". He said he was sitting in his patrol car across the road from the front of the building, when he saw the blue ghost in the front lobby of the building. I wanted to conduct a full interview with this witness, but unfortunately he was called away by his radio before we could get more details. This is Tom's footage of
The Blue Ghost captured years ago by Tom Halstead. During our EVP session, a female EVP voice was captured while using a voice recorder on the top floor. My friend had started a coughing fit because of the extreme cold, and I asked her if she was okay. After her reply at the 7 second mark listen for the faint female voice asking "How Is She?"
This can't be a residual type haunting because its aware of what is going on in its current surroundings and responding to it. The image in the video is a still photo taken in this room and added to the audio track of the voice recorder. Also included is a
Shorter Version with only the EVP voice. In the cellar I recorded the last clip - listen for the female voice saying "Hurry!" followed by two footsteps. The voice is very weak, I recommend using head phones to hear it. Throughout the investigation, the thermal recorder logged temperatures between 54 to 50 degrees; these are normal temp changes. I will be adding several more investigations from the Diamonds Truck Stop to the investigations pages.

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Restaurant photo from 2006 investigation
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