Tri-County 06 updated for 2013
These were our earliest investigations of The Diamonds. Some of the footage here has never been posted because the clips and photos were stored on a computer hard drive that crashed, and had to be reconstructed from the original tapes or other sources. This investigation can be though of as a 2013 update. At the time of the investigation back in 2006, the restaurant was still open for business. We encountered some extreme forms of activity.
Objects being moved at haunted locations are seldom documented. While in the cellar, we captured this clip of a
light bulb that was thrown from the concave east corner of the cellar, over our heads and exploding in front of us.
After this happened, I brought the camcorder over to the
fragments on the floor.
While the camcorder was recording in the cellar, it captured the sounds of the
piano's keys striking two notes from upstairs.
Over the years we have experienced objects ranging from plastic balls and coins to screwdrivers being thrown at Tri-County. On the first floor Greg personally witnessed a carafe from a coffee pot levitate off its heating burner, hover, then fall and smash to the ground.

The next clip was recorded by Greg on the second floor. It's an
EVP voice of someone speaking in the background, but at the 3 second point a very strange voice can be heard.
In the second clip, Greg is speaking and at the 5 second point something can be heard speaking The third EVP recording is s shorter version with just the EVP, you can hear it ask, "
Where did she go?"

This is the original footage I recorded in the cellar of the
shadow figure.
I asked Greg if he could enhance the video for a better view; this is enhanced
I also have a
slow motion version of the shadow ghost.
On the second floor, I had just started my camcorder. Greg thought that Tom was playing a joke on him by trying to
pull the door open - he could feel it being pulled on while he was trying to hold it closed. When he finally opened it there was no one there!
Thanks again to everyone involved from PTF and to Greg for organizing the event.

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