9/14/13 Tri-County Field Investigation
September 14/15 2013 Field investigation of the Tri-County Truck Stop, also known as The Diamonds Restaurant.
The investigation began at 7pm and ended at 3:30am.
It was conducted by breaking up into 3 teams, one for the cellar, the second for the main floor and the third on the upper floor. We stayed for 1 hour intervals on each level, rotating onto a new floor with 15 minute breaks between rotations.
After everyone experienced a full rotation on every floor, they were free to investigate any location within the building.
The first hour I spent on the upper floor. Nothing turned up in any of my photographs throughout the night, but we did capture weird sounds and EVP voices with the Night Shot video camera.
The first camcorder clip from the top floor is an audio EVP. At the 5 second point a male voice can be heard saying,
During the night several people heard the sounds of a man in work boots trudging the upper floors. It didn't record well enough to post however.
On the next rotation I relocated my equipment to the main floor, where I captured these clips from the bar area. At the 3 second point, a long unexplained sound began that everyone heard. In this same clip listen for the male EVP voice at the 11 second point. It can be heard saying,
"Back off!"
The next clip was recorded very late into the investigation after most of the people had left. There are two things to listen for, at the 4 second mark a strange, fast, high pitched voice can be heard. I think it's saying,
"What is it?" The other sound, if you listen carefully at the 2 and 4 second points you can also hear water dripping. We were hearing water dripping ourselves, but there is no running water in the building and it didn't rain. It sounded like it was coming from the kitchen, but we never found a cause.
The 4th clip was also captured very late into the investigation. I was in the process of setting up more equipment at the bar when at the 11 second point a loud
crashing sound from the kitchen was heard. No one was in the kitchen, and no objects had fallen over to trigger this sound.
In the 5th clip, starting at the 2 second point a series of
footsteps can be heard. None of us were moving, being seated at the bar; we never saw what was causing it.
In the 6th clip we documented the Tri-Field Meter being triggered along with motion from behind the bar, and the sensors chiming are from the
motion detectors. This went on for over 20 minutes before all the activity ended.
I have been using these motion sensors for over 15 years; this is only the third instance when the motion sensors have been triggered during an investigation. In the 7th clip while we were seated at the bar area, I ask if it could knock on the bar. I knocked 3 times, after a pause at the 12 second point another
knock was heard by all of us.
The 8th clip was recorded early on during my second rotation. Our group was seated at the bar area acting like rude customers to provoke a response; at the 4 second point in this clip a croaking frog-like
voice was recorded. I can't tell what is being said.
The 9th clip was also captured during this rotation. It was recorded in the men's bathroom on the main floor. One of the visitor's camera's flash can be seen at the very beginning of the clip, as she explains she did not snap the
photo, her finger was not on the button, something pushed the button on her camera.
The last
clip was typical of many odd sounds recorded in the cellar. We would hear shuffling feet, objects being moved, and a series of unidentified sounds, but nothing that could be seen.

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Tri-County Truck Stop September 14Th 2013
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