Tri-County Ghost Hunt 3/29/14
During this investigation, which was open to the public, several people were experiencing strange activity. A large group witnessed a blue light in the cellar; several others were pushed, pinched and one man was scratched on his back. We haven't documented this intense level of activity since 2006. We started with breaking everyone into three groups for 1-hour rotations before letting everyone have a free run of the place.

My first two clips are from the first rotation on the top floor. It's worth noting that the EMF levels remained very powerful tonight throughout the floor. Normally only EMF fields are found along the back wall in strength; I have never documented this much EMF upstairs before.

1. At the 8 second point a faint male voice can be heard; it's screaming the word "
2. After the question "Are you a different person?" is asked, at the 2 second point a
Female Voice replies, but I can't identify what she is saying, even though her voice is quite loud.
Clips 3 and 4 were from the second rotation in the bar area.
3. The first was recorded while most of the guests were still in the break area. I was speaking with Stephen, when at the 8 second point a
Whispering Voice was recorded.
4. This is an odd one! After the second rotation ended, I had accidentally put my Ghost Meter in the Tours Ghost Hunting Kit Case, so I opened it up and pulled mine out (it's different from anyone else's, because it glows in the dark). So I removed it and snapped the case closed. Just after the second lock snapped closed a voice can be heard saying "
That's It", which are the exact words I was thinking seconds before, when I was looking to tell my Ghost Meter apart from the others.
The next clips were recorded during the third rotation, in the smaller of the two rooms located in the cellar. 
5. In this clip, at the 1-2 second point you can hear a high pitched whistling sound; it's barely audible but there. Now for the best part! Look into the darkness left center. At the 8 second point something begins to emerge from the
Darkness and moves just into range of the Night-Shot camera's range at the 8 second point, moving to the right before vanishing from view.
6. I was able to
Enhance the footage and brighten it up.
7. This is a
Slow-Motion version.
8. Fortunately I also have footage from the camera at the exact spot with the
Lights On to see if there was anything that might have accounted for it. If you look to the left of the objects in the corner and to the right of the tripod, there are no objects present capable of reflecting light back to the camera.
9. I recorded what a
Flashlight looks like pointed down into that area of the cellar for comparison.
10. This was recorded shortly after the last clip. The boy named
Thaddeus walked over toward the corner of the cellar, then rushed back in a hurry. You can hear him say "Something moved", followed by his mother telling him "It was probably your imagination" -- maybe not.
11. This was also captured during the third rotation, but later in the cellar. The Ghost Meter begins to go off followed at the 5 second point by the voice of a
Man Screaming. When I played back clip 1 and clip 11 with headphones for better detail, they seem to be the same voice screaming.
12. This was recorded very late at night in the bar area. We all heard a sound, and were discussing where it came from when this voice speaking up says, "
That's Where It Was".
Thanks again to everyone involved in this very active ghost hunt!

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