Pythian Castle Ghost Hunt Investigation
Pythian Castle Investigation 11/02/13
Springfield, MO

Built in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias, this 37 room home was updated in the 1940's as a military service club affiliated with the O'Reilly Hospital. This was our final investigation of 2013. The owner granted us permission to conduct our field investigation from 7pm to 4am. The first tape's timeline is between 7pm-9pm, all of it recorded downstairs where WW2 prisoners may have been detained or interrogated. It's pretty much what I expected, below average activity. I was told that this was common, that most of the activity in the house occurs very late at night. I did not bother to document several minor odd sounds before anyone went downstairs. These cannot be attributed to a human source, but I have doubts that they're paranormal. One thing that also stands out is the lack of EMF fields downstairs. My Ghost Meter ignores all EMF signals below 1 gauss; during the entire two hour session it only went off twice, once inside the Japanese cell and at
the entrance of the German prisoners' cell. Both instances lasted only seconds in duration.

All of the footage monitoring the interrogation room with the laser grid yielded nothing. No motion sensor or video activity was documented, but there was one brief EVP voice in the larger room outside the interrogation rooms. Someone had mentioned that this was an EVP hot spot, and this area will need further study during our next investigation.
Clip 1. 1 Japanese cell, at the 10 second point the beeping of the Ghost Meter is heard.
Clip 2. German cell, at the 8 second point the meter is triggered just outside the German prisoners' cell room.
Clip 3. Cellar EVP is the most significant capture on this floor - at the 3 second point an EVP voice can be heard; it sounds male, I am not positive, but I think it sounds like it's saying "Go faster". The clacking sounds are my camcorder's lens cover striking the tripod as I'm moving it. I have had this happen before years ago at the Lehman House investigation, while I was on the third floor. I was the only person in the entire building, but while moving this same camcorder, the clacking of the lens cover on the tripod was also heard at the same time a female EVP voice was recorded. I wonder if these sounds are somehow being manipulated into producing human voices?
Tape 2 ran until just after midnight. The first half was conducted in the main theater upstairs. There was almost no activity at all during this one hour session, except for this very odd sound in clip 4 that has me stumped.
Clip 4. Theater Sound, at the 18 second point there is a weird sound that I can't identify.
After a break we set up the equipment in the rooms behind the stage. There is a suite of 4 or 5 rooms all connected by a hallway going downstairs at one end and a short stairway going up to the theater stage at the other end. The equipment was set up in one of the two rooms where the ghost of a woman has been seen.
Clip 5. Backstage Flashlight Click, at the 16 second point during our EVP session, I set my flashlight down on a small end table and challenged it to turn the flashlight on. This didn't happen, but what did happen was a clicking sound coming from my flashlight on the end table. It sounded like something scraping across the copper slider inside the flashlight, connecting it to the sliding on/off button. We all heard two distinct scraping sounds, but in this clip they seem to blend into a single sound because they were so close together.
The next clip was recorded around midnight at the end of the third rotation.
Clip 6. Back Stage EVP. There are several things to listen for in this clip. At about the 2 second point the volume of the background noise drops. Then at the 4 second point an EVP voice is heard. I can't distinguish whether it's a male or female voice, or what is being said.
One last thing that made no sense, the Mel Meter said the temperature was 61 degrees during the EVP session. All of us were freezing up there, so no one thought these numbers were accurate. Either the meter was inaccurate, or something in the room was making us feel much colder.
Tape 3 ran until the early morning hours.
Clip 7. Ken's Ghost Sighting. I removed the night shot camcorder from the tripod and went mobile with it. We went upstairs to the area behind the stage, where Ken witnessed a female apparition in one of the side rooms, viewing its reflection through the mirror. In this clip I have footage showing the inside of the room just before and then again after he saw it, but not during the encounter. I had already walked past this room when he saw a woman in this room, describing her not as a shadow figure, but looking just like a real person. Even though this clip doesn't contain footage of the apparition, there were two faint EVP voices at the 30 and 35 second points in the clip.
Clip 8. Ken's EVP. This is a short version of the first EVP from the above clip.
Clip 9. Ken's EVP2. This is a short version of the second EVP from the above clip.
Clip 10. Ken's EVPC, captured minutes after the last clip was recorded.
Clip 11. I Can't Wait EVP. We settled down for an EVP session. During the session a voice saying, "I can't wait" was recorded. This is a stand out EVP for two reasons, the first is unlike the poor quality of most EVPs, this voice is easy to understand. The second is we actually heard this voice coming from outside in the hall. I couldn't tell what I heard, it just sounded like a whispering voice. The voice was also accompanied by the sound of something moving in the hall, but there was no one out there - it was very late at night, most of the investigators had already gone home, and no one was on this floor.
I would like to thank everyone involved in the investigation and the owner for her kind hospitality and cooperation.

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Pythian Castle 11/2/13
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