Austin Milam-Lucas Store Potosi Investigation 4/26/14
4 sites in Potosi were available for investigation, do to time constraints I focused on three of them, with active investigations in the, Austin Lucas Store,and the Long Banta House. We left equipment unattended at Sweet Memories.
We set up our equipment at the Lucas Store in the room where Mr. Flynn committed suicide, this is the same room where we captured paranormal activity on previous investigations.
The first thing to occur was a massive spike of EMF on the Tri-Field Natural Meter.
This lasted for several minutes.
We ran the Night Shot video cameras continuously for 3 hours.
During these captures everyone was present in one room to prevent cross contamination in any evidence we documented.
These clips were all recorded on the second floor in the suicide room or upstairs hallway just outside this room.
Clips one and two were recorded while setting up the equipment for the night.
In the first clip,
Austin Store Female EVP a womans voice can be heard at the 4 second point.
The second clip,
Austin Store EVP was recorded minutes later, its very fast at the very end of the clip. It sounds like its asking the question "Was It?"
In the third clip,
Male EVP a woman asks the question, "So who's here, Frank Flynn or his murder?" a faint male voice is heard at the 3 second point.
In clip 4
Help Us a voice at the 3 second point can be heard. After listening to it, I think it's saying, "Help Us".
Clip 5
Austin Store Thump at the 2 second point a thud sound, or whooshing sound was recorded. Everyone heard this sound when it occurred.
In clip 6
Whispering Voice we captured a whispering EVP voice, it can be heard at the 3 second point.
Clip 7
Unknown Sound at the 15 second point a bazaar sound can be heard.
Whats also odd, unlike all the other sounds everyone heard, no one heard this sound, it went completely unnoticed.
In clip 8
Creaking Floor we could hear the floors outside the room in the hallway creaking, as if someone were walking across them. You can hear it at the 1,6,9,18 second points.
In clip 9
Thumping Sound, at the 4 second point a thumping sound was heard by everyone in the room. Clip 10 Metal Latch Sound contains the sound of a metal latch, like that on a dresser being pulled open, and knocking against a drawer are heard.
After everyone left, 2 of us remained behind to try and recreate the drawer latch sound everyone heard earlier. Looking over the area, testing out door knobs rattling, metal door chain locks etc, but none of the sounds were an exact match to the one in that clip.
Clip 11
Metalic Sound in the first second a metallic sound, like a key ring was heard.
In clip 12
Female EVP after everyone had left the building for a break, two of us stayed to attempt recreating the metal latch sound. We actually recorded this short, weak female EVP at the 5 second point saying, "Hum".
There were no women in the building when it was captured, just two male investigators.

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