Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
          Haunted Highway I 64 St. Louis

In 1986 my brother in law and I were driving on I 64 east out of st. Louis MO. heading towards IL. And he was talking in his sleep, I was driving. I saw what appeared to be bridges, people and houses in the middle of the highway. They appeared white looking as you would think a ghost would look. I never forgot this experience. Then in 2000 my daughter in law and her mother were driving in the same area and the same thing happened to them. Her mother was talking in her sleep as if arguing with someone, my daughter in law driving. She saw what she described to me as the same things I had seen. I was shocked when she told me because I had never told her of my experience. She told me she also had put on her brakes several times thinking she was going to hit someone or run into a house or building. It also for both of us was in the wee hours of the morning. Would appreciate any information you could give on this experience. Thank you,
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