Franklin County Haunted House Investigation

Franklin County House 8/24/2013

This was an unusual investigation. The home has a tragic history and the owners have been seeing shadow figures throughout the house. What distinguishes this haunting is that it is thought responsible for attacking and killing their dog that was inside a kennel.

When things like this happen, you have to consider that it might have been seizure-related. Sometimes these can be violent, to the point of knocking over the carrier.
The problem with this idea is that the carrier had been dragged out of the room and into the hallway. The other explanation I thought of was that kids might have broken into the house and killed the dog. There is a problem with this theory too-the house is protected by a good alarm system, and if someone had broken into the home, it would have triggered the system. I have only been to one other location where animals were killed by an unknown force. This was during an investigation years ago around 2006, on the third floor of St. Vincent's Sanitarium, where birds had been decapitated and their heads laid out in a single row. No bodies of these birds were ever discovered and this floor was locked off from the public. New ownership prevented us from conducting any follow up investigations.
When we arrived at the home, the first thing we did was conduct an EMF sweep of the property. The results were unexpected. The entire front yard contained massive levels of electromagnetic energy. I suspected underground utilities. However, these are above ground and the fields weren't localized; the entire front yard yielded massive unstable but continuous pulses. We checked the side and back yards; nothing registered in the back or to the left side, but it did all along the right side of the home. I then used a Tri-Field meter to determine if it was natural or man-made in origin. The meter responded in both magnetic and electronic modes. When we checked inside the house, all of the rooms contained massive unstable EMF pluses. We checked the wiring in the home and determined that this played no part in this activity. Before we departed at 2 to 3am I ran another EMF sweep, and ALL the fields were gone! Not a trace of these powerful fields remained except
for trace amounts in the utility room. I tested my meters to confirm that the batteries were still good, and they were. At the fuse box, clock radios, and TV'S they picked up the appropriate levels of EMF from these devices, but all throughout the house and yard everything was normal.

I would recommend using headphones or earbuds when listening to these audio clips, because some have excellent detail that is lost or totally inaudible when using a computer's speakers.
Clip 1. Everyone was sitting in the same room, two rooms away when this was recorded. Theresa is speaking. At the 4 second point there is an EVP voice speaking at the same time as Theresa. I can make out some of what is being said. It sounds like it's saying, "I would do the same thing-????" I can't understand the last few words.
Clip 2. is the same as clip 1, except it's much shorter, containing just the EVP voice.
Clip 3. Theresa says "Wouldn't that be funny", and an EVP voice replies "NO".
Clip 4. The weird sounds you hear are the white noise generated by the ghost box. I hear the words "I can't" coming from the ghost box and repeat what I have just heard for the camera to pick up. At the 6 second mark an EVP voice can be heard, which did not come from the ghost box.

Clip 5. is a strange low frequency rumbling sound I can't account for. It also sounds like it's causing the latches on the dresser to rattle, but I can't be sure.
Clip 6. is a cat meowing. The owners don't have a cat, and this might be a sonic anomaly from the ghost box.
Clip 7. At the 2 second point you can hear a male EVP voice saying the word "right" sandwiched into the conversation.
Clip 8. At the 6 second point a female EVP voice can be heard saying "NO".
Clip 9. 2 seconds into this clip you can hear a sighing breath.
Clip 10. A male can be heard saying "Aww!" at the 4 second mark. It's faint and best heard with headphones at maximum volume. What's also significant about this clip is that it was recorded during the lockdown period, when no one was inside the home. Everyone was standing outside on the driveway at the time.
Clip 11. was recorded during an EVP session, using the ghost box. The question is asked, "What is my name?" and the name Theresa is spoken at the 3 second and again at the 9 second point. The one at the 10 second mark is much louder and clearer. The first needs headphones to be heard.
Clip 12. Again during the EVP session with the ghost box running, when the question is asked "What is my name?" the answer "Steven" is heard at the 3 second point.

I would like to thank Steven, Theresa, and the owners for allowing us to investigate their home.

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