Tri-County Truck Stop Investigation 11/11/12
This site is also known as Diamonds Restaurant
Villa Ridge, MO 11/11/12

We experienced a good deal of activity during this investigation. The first clip was recorded on Greg's camcorder. It was captured down in the cellar, a very clear and loud EVP of a female voice saying "
Help Us!" - no one heard this; it was revealed during the review of the footage.

I shot the next
Photo, which was taken on the top floor. If you look to the left toward where the wall meets the ceiling, there is a very strange blue mass that I can't explain. I made a Zoomed-In Photo for better details. I have been using this camera for years. White dust orbs are typical in places like this, but that is definitely not a dust orb.

One of the members of our group took these two photos: in the first photo, notice the weird
Purple Distortion. In the second photo, the orb by the ceiling is just dust - what's odd is the distortion by the stairway, along right side top of the stairs. You can see the outline of a Human Figure, its hollow, just an outline of the head and upper body.

We did encounter some cold spots during this evening's investigation. The temperatures in the cellar dropped quickly from 65 down to 60.1 degrees. One other odd thing to report, while watching through my camcorder's viewfinder, the batteries lost 23 minutes of power instantly while monitoring the time remaining on the batteries. Thanks again to Greg and the PTF group for organizing the investigation.

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