Diamonds Tri-County Truck Stop Aug 2006
Tri-County Truck Stop Investigation, August 2006

For this investigation, I set up a Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi digital still camera mounted on a tripod placed in the cellar facing west into the smaller side-cellar room. The camera was set up to automatically take one picture every thirty seconds throughout the night until the batteries were spent. When I reviewed the photos the following day I noticed that between frames 1142 and 1143, the debris on the floor had been displaced! There is no air movement down in the cellar and I ruled out debris falling from the ceiling as a possible cause, because it's not just added debris, something had moved the existing debris that was already on the floor. The white debris seen right has been scattered deeper into the room, along with small dark debris located farther to the left. I have created a short movie clip containing frames 1140, 1141, 1142, 1143, 1144 and 1145 to best show this movement. All of the movement seems to have taken place in the 30 seconds between
frames 1142 and 1143; there were no other disturbances or anomalies photographed.
I have included each individual frame of the movie clip in still form.

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Tri-County Truck Stop
Video Clips and Photos
Video clip version of still photos
Still photo 1140
Still photo 1141
Still photo 1142
Still photo 1143
Still photo 1144
Still photo 1145
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