Monastery Ruins Charbonier Bluffs
Haunted Monastery Ruins Investigation
April 8, 2008

This is one of several follow up investigations of this site. As with our previous investigations, numerous weird events were going on.

While in the area leading toward the stone wall, we set up an EVP session.

Clip 1 Greg asks it if it's ok for us to be here. During this clip you can hear the Tri-Field Meter going off at the 7 second point (meter is seen bottom left). Then at the 10 second point my Hygro-Thermometer, model Extech 45320 that's located in the tree branches recording temperatures can be seen lighting up on its own, viewed right center. There are no remote controls to this device; as I explain in Clip 2 the only way to turn the back light LCD screen on and off is to physically press the buttons on it. This is evidence of physical manipulation of an electronic device by an unknown force. This went on for over half an hour. Something seemed to be responding to us.
I have owned this device for years and it has never done this before on any investigation.
Clip 3 and Clip 3B Color I turned off the night shot mode to my camcorder to video tape the Thermometer being switched on and off in color.
Clip 4 and Clip 4B we tried to find a pattern to the lights, but found none. There were single flashes, double flashes, long and short periods of remaining on and off.
Clip 5 and Clip 5B I moved the camcorder closer to the meter to better view what was going on.
Clip 6 the motion sensor was being triggered. In this clip, notice that the tree branches are moving, yet there was no breeze on this night. It was dead calm, and none of the branches in the other trees were moving.
Clip 7 you can hear what sounds like one rock striking another. It is common at this location to hear rocks being dropped. Some of them are very heavy, landing with a loud thud.

After the investigation I examined the Hygro-Thermometer and found it to be in perfect working order. I have since used it on many other investigations and it functions perfectly.

Thanks again for everyone's effort in another investigation.

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